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At Beacon Massage, we recognize the financial burden of keeping healthy. From physicians to gym memberships, to yoga classes and eating right, we, as a whole, spend a great deal of disposable income for quality health. It’s a qualitative expense, but an expense nonetheless.

We understand and we want to help. By reducing the stress caused by spending more than necessary for treatments, we are giving ourselves a head-start in helping you reduce tension through massage.
Welcome to Beacon Massage
Beacon Massage is a one treatment room massage studio located in the heart of Back Bay, on Newbury St.

We are a multi-therapist facility designed to provide quality massage therapy at an affordable price. 

Our qualified massage therapists understand the importance benefits regular massage can have. But at the ave price of  $139.00 per treatment, massage can often prove to be too costly. 

(617) 735-5583
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Urgent Operational Notice
Prior Notice

September 2, 2016

It has been our pleasure to provide quality massage from our single treatment room in Suite 208, at 45 Newbury Street for the past 5+ years. 

As some or most of our exisiting clients already know, Beacon Massage has been subletting our single treatment room from Element Acupuncture, the practice that held the lease for our suite. 

This past January, Element Acupuncture announced the decision not to continue leasing past their three year lease commitment, which ended August 31, 2016. At that time, I optioned for Beacon Massage to take over the lease, and was initially granted the option to apply. On May 3rd, I signed, dated, and notarized the lease and submitted it to the owners of the building, which acknowledged receipt of the lease on May 6th. 

We then proceeded to search for practitioners to sublet the two remaining treatment rooms in the suite to replace the outgoing acupuncturist, and a physical therapist that had also been subletting from Element Acupuncture, and had departed at the end of June.

Through an extensive search, we eventually found others to occupy the remaining treatment rooms; an acupuncturist, and with the help of the company that owns and manages our building, a massage therapist. 

With the new practitioners in place, we were ready to take over the lease. This past Friday, August 26th, out of nowhere, we were personally contacted by the owner of the building. She told us she had decided NOT to execute the lease, for the reason of wanting only one practitioner in that suite. She was no longer going to allow the practice of subletting within the suite.

Her reply was her stance was final, and that I need to seek another facility to practice massage, thus leaving us five days, or 3 business days to search or a new, affordable facility. 

For the past week, I have totally committed myself to quickly search the Boston area for a place to practice, and minimize the impact of the abrupt address change, which is why I couldn't respond to clients requests for massage appointments. . (I am terribly sorry) Though we were forced to find another location with only a few days notice, I was reluctant to reach out to anyone without first having a new location in place so that I could reassure those that are already scheduled for a massage, or those looking to schedule a massage that we could keep the appointment at the new location.

While we have seen more than a half dozen properties in the last week, we have applied for a lease in two different properties in the Back Bay area. As of now, we are going through a background check in both locations, but still have yet to officially secure a new space.

We are hoping to hear soon from one of the properties we applied to, so that we can restart our operation. As you can imagine, it's been an awful week, and feel completely blindsided. I don't know at all how we could have foreseen this scenario, and would have certainly chosen to seek another location back in May had we known the owner of 45 Newbury St. would have decided in the way she did. 

I have temporarily shut down our online scheduler, and will cancel the next two weeks of massage appointments, carefully tracking when each appointment was booked, and rescheduling each appointment by chronological order of when they were originally booked in our new location.  

I will reach out to everyone as soon as we have a new location and reopen our online scheduler. Hopefully, it won't be long, but will keep you updated on the progress. The expiration of third party vouchers, and gift certificates will be extended for the entire operational hiatus, and longer if necessary, just to make sure prepaid massages are used. Meanwhile, if you have questions, or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again, our sincerest apologies for this operational interruption. We certainly appreciate your patronage, along with your patientce and understanding.

We look forward to seeing you in our new location soon, and will let you know where that will be, as soon as we secure it for our use. 

Have a lovely and safe long holiday weekend.


Jason Stohrer, 
Owner, LMT 
Beacon Massage
(617) 735-5583


September 20, 2016

Finally, Beacon Massage has a new home, on Beacon Street! 

We have an update on our operational progress. On Wednesday, September 14th, we officially secured our new location on Beacon Street. Once again, we will be sharing our suite with an acupuncturist. While the facility is smaller than our former Newbury Street location, it’s quieter, and has much easier access. 

As required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we officially closed the massage establishment license at 45 Newbury Street, and applied for a new license in the Beacon Street location. We were informed that the licensing process may take 4 to 6 weeks, and in that time we are not allowed to practice massage. 

However, the representative at the Division of Professional Licensure – Massage Therapy stated the wait is usually closer to 3 weeks, but could possibly take up to 4 to 6 weeks. 

Once we have our license, or can confirm the license is going to be issued, we will give the announcement, along with specific directions and information regarding our new space.

Once we are licensed, we will re-open the scheduling of massages. Those that had their massage appointment cancelled during our hiatus are given priority in rescheduling. We are currently working on a procedure that will fairly work those cancelled appointments back into our operating schedule; with the hope of mitigating changes to those appointments already set. Once we have those cancelled massages back in our appointment book, we will re-open the online scheduler to everyone.  

Just a reminder to those that bought a prepaid massage; the expiration of third party vouchers, and gift certificates will be extended for the entire operational hiatus, and longer if necessary, just to make sure prepaid massages are used. Meanwhile, if you have questions, or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would like to thank all that have been patient, and have given their support throughout this difficult process. We are incredibly appreciative, and hope to get back up and running very soon. 

Thanks again, and look forward to seeing you in our new quiet neighborhood on Beacon Street.


Jason Stohrer, LMT
Beacon Massage
(617) 735-5583