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At Beacon Massage, we recognize the financial burden of keeping healthy. From physicians to gym memberships, to yoga classes and eating right, we, as a whole, spend a great deal of disposable income for quality health. It’s a qualitative expense, but an expense nonetheless.

We understand and we want to help. By reducing the stress caused by spending more than necessary for treatments, we are giving ourselves a head-start in helping you reduce tension through massage.
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Welcome to Beacon Massage
45 Newbury St. Suite 208  Boston, MA 02116
Beacon Massage is a one treatment room massage studio located in the heart of Back Bay, on Newbury St.

We consist of a staff of six massage therapists, designed to provide quality massage therapy at an affordable price. 

Our qualified massage therapists understand the importance benefits regular massage can have. But at the ave price of  $109.00 per treatment, massage can often prove to be too costly. 

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The clothing store, Valentino, located directly beneath our suite, started a renovation project that is expected to last through the third week of May. For appointments during this time frame, I would like to offer our sincerest apology for any disruption during your massage.

Since the start of the project, the construction noise has at times rose to our treatment room, and some of the noise has been somewhat loud. 

Regrettably, there is not a lot we can do to cancel or reduce the sound. However, we have been assured by the construction team that excessive noise not directly related to the work, such as loud, excessive talking, or music will not be made during the makeover. They are aware of our presence, and will do their best to minimize the sound.

One of our priorities in providing a quality relaxing massage is to offer a clean, peaceful setting. Obviously, the disturbance from below may compromise that facet of the massage. But it is out of our control. Should the hindrance of a quiet setting be too bothersome for you to appreciate the massage, we invite you to schedule, or reschedule your appointment to a time beyond the third week of May to ensure your preference for a quiet treatment area. Our 12 hour change/cancellation policy is still in effect through this process. 

At this point, the noise has not been terribly disruptive, but has at times been a nuisance, seemingly more to the therapist than the client. So far, the general consensus of clients in session during the times where there has been noise; is that it has not been that bad.

While there has been noise each day of the week; Sunday through Saturday, it has been infrequent. Still, it is our hope to provide you with the best massage possible, and to inform you of possible problems that may compromise your enjoyment of the massage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (617)735-5583, or email me at


Jason Stohrer, LMT
Valentino Clothing Store Renovation