2018 Holiday 90 Minute Relaxation Massage (BOGO)
-Please contact Beacon Massage with any questions
•For existing Beacon Massage Clients only. 
•Purchases will be credited to client account automatically. 
•Only one 1, 3, or 5 package per client; to use as your own, as a gift. 
•Only 60 & 90 minute sessions have the option for the 3 or 5 massage package.
•Appointment may only be booked online via online reservation system. 
•May not be used concurrently with other promotions or deals. 
•Therapist gratuity based on regular $109 rate per session greatly appreciated. 
•12-hour cancel/rescheduling notice required, or certificate forfeiture.
• Client rating must be in good standing, or offer may be revoked for a full refund. 
• Satisfaction Guaranteed. Refunds may be issued within 30 days of purchase only. 
• No cash value, or cash back for partial redemption of promotional value. 
• Promotional value good for 2 years from issue date. 
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2018 Holiday 60 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage (BOGO)
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Boston; home to many of the best universities in the country, and world! We know the rigors of having to deal with life in school and want to help with offering the best student rates in the back bay! For those with student ID's, we offer the following rates:

Student Discounts*
Everyone loves a discount! It enhances the value of a service and is satisfying knowing that the savvy shopper within you is always on the prowl for that next great advantage. Our discounted services at a cut-rate; the largest markdown we can offer without losing money, or our minds. As such, restrictions are in place that ensure we are not being had, or going out of business. Please see below:
Medical Insurance Discount*
Massage has been proven to be beneficial to the body and mind. Although most medical insurance polices don't cover massage, we offer a deep discount on all non-promotion services. Let us know your provider and the discount is yours!
+ 40 Discount*
It takes stamina, courage and a good sense of humor to age. And the older you get, the harder it is. After 40, muscles decrease steadily. The aged know this all too well. Therefore, we applaud those born before his birth year of 1968 for the gradual descent into the autumn of life. Anyone over 40, or born in or before the troubled year that saw the tragic assassinations of RFK & Dr. King will qualify you for over 65% off any non-promotion massage.
*All non-qualified discounts are not interchangeable with other discounts ,promotions, credits or third party vouchers; cash or credit for payment only. Client may take advantage of a non-qual discount only once every four weeks. Gratuity is appreciated and expected of a job well done and should be calculated on the full amount in lieu of the discounted rate. Please ask if you have any questions.
- '68' 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $79.00
- '68' 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $119.00

- 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $89.00
- 60 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage for $109.00

Looking for an efficient massage at a very affordable price? This time reduced, economical service is perfect for those that are looking for a lunch break massage, an economically priced service for those that are strapped financially or simply need a quick supplement to a workout or yoga session:
Time Saving Discount*
Health Care/Emergency Workers Plan*
Our fair city saw the worst, and best on April 15, 2013. As tragic events unfolded during the 117th Boston Marathon, first responders, quick to act, saved countless lives in a heroic act that will forever be remembered. Therefore, we honor those brave individuals, and colleagues with a large discount for all in the health care field. From doctors, RN's, police, firefighters and paramedics, to acupuncturists, chiropractors, & especially massage therapists. A great discount to those that look out for our health. Thank you!

- Health Care Workers 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $79.00
- Health Care Workers 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $119.00
- 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $149.00
- 90 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage for $169.00
- 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $79.00**
- 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for $119.00**
**Educators, teachers & professors also qualify
- Time Saving 45 Minute Relaxation for $65.00
Relaxation Massage
Peace & relaxation are elements most of us desire in order to offset the grind of daily life. Attaining relaxation is vital to a healthier you. Relaxation massage is a great way of satisfying that need. Our therapists employ a variety of techniques to encourage your body into a tranquil state of being, and work your muscles through kneading, squeezing & rubbing to entice fresh blood to inundate the soft tissue for a renewed, refreshed feeling.  There are a number of benefits from receiving a relaxation treatment, both immediate & long term, including: 
• Pain Relief                           • Increased Immunity
• Greater Energy                    • Reduced muscle tension
• Tissue Regeneration                       • Improved Sleep Quality
• Greater range of motion                      • Diminished Anxiety
- 60 Minute Relaxation Massage  $99.00
- 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $179.00
Whether you're training for an athletic event, have an injury, illness or working to better a chronic, structural disorder, therapeutic massage with a clinical purpose helps to correct whatever the dysfunction may be. Beacon Massage therapists employ deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, trigger point and neuromuscular therapies specific to the needs of the client. Types of massage that fall under the category of clinical therapeutic massage include the following:
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
Clinical Therapeutic Massage
- 60 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage  $119.00
- 90 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage for for $189.00
*All discounts are eligible for a $5 cash discount. Pay in cash and receive $5 off!
Saturday: 8AM-5PM
Sunday: Closed
Mon - Fri: 11AM-8PM
Another holiday season is upon us, and we've got a fabulous deal exclusive to our loyal clients. Merely buy one massage at our already low rate, and get one massage absolutely free! Use for yourself, gift them out, or use in combination of gifting and receiving. It's all up to you. 

In addition to our 60 Minute Massage & 90 Minute Massage BOGO deals, we are offering a special, abbreviated 50 minute session* at a special, abbreviated price!  

As always, our client exclusive deals transcend future rate hikes, is good for a full three years, and makes a great gift for you, a friend, a loved one, or simply someone you know that may "knead" a massage.  

This offer is active for a limited time only, so act now and save!

*50 minute holiday deal not offered in the realm of a buy one, get one free promotion. See Terms & Conditions.

2018 Holiday 60 Minute Relaxation Massage (BOGO)
2018 Holiday 50 Minute Massage Special (BOGO Excluded)
2018 Holiday 60 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage (BOGO)
Beacon Massage Greatly Appreciates The Patronage Of Our Clients. Thank you!