What To Expect On Your First Visit

To some, massage is a new and unknown treatment, without the slightest understanding of what to expect. To others, massage carries the old, negative connotation of sexual services. And to those that have had and are receiving proper treatment, know exactly what to expect. In fact, the more familiar you become to massage, the level of expectation climbs. 

Beacon Massage adheres to and maintains high standards of service and professionalism. Our highly qualified license massage therapists provide a neat, safe and tranquil treatment environment with the upmost respect to privacy and personal space.

We share the suite with the highly regarded ELEMENT Acupuncture & Wellness. If you have never been to Beacon Massage, it is recommended that you arrive ten to fifteen minutes early for your session, as you will be required to fill out a health history form and discuss briefly what ailments you may have and what you hope to get out of your session. By arriving early, you can maximize the time on the massage table in lieu of cutting into your massage time by completing the health history form and intake interview.

After the completion of the health history form and intake interview, the therapist will lead you to the treatment room that is enhanced for your comfort.  The therapist will then leave the room to allow the privacy for you to disrobe, settle onto the treatment table under the drapes. 

While most disrobe completely for treatment, the level of your comfort ultimately determines what is disrobed and what is kept on. Undergarments such as underwear or bras are often left on, however, therapeutic work on the region of the back will be limited if a bra or upper-support garment is left on. Additionally, massage on muscles in and around the hips including the glutes will be limited as well. Remember, at all times the client will be draped, except for the contained section being worked on. 

Maintaining appropriate boundaries between the client and therapist is the responsibility of the therapist and will always be adhered to. Actions such as massaging under the draping, touching areas of sensitivity such as the groin and breast tissue is absolutely forbidden. At anytime you feel uncomfortable or something is not proper, alert the therapist immediately. Part of our job is to make you feel comfortable, safe and will use all of our resources at our disposal to do so. Additionally for your enjoyment, soothing music will be provided. When the session ends, the therapist will leave the room, allow you to dress and consult with you on several topics. First of which will be the therapists initial assessment and review of the first treatment.
A brief intake, health questionnaire, massage preference, client/therapist disclaimer, and client agreement form is necessary to begin the massage. For your convenience, we have attached the form in a .pdf format. You may bring in a completed copy, or complete one once you arrive. If you decide to fill it out upon arrival, we ask that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early, so that the completion of the form does not interrupt your massage time. 
Client Intake Form

Client Rating

We are proud to serve our clients that are dedicated to the exhaustive work of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and are appreciative of their patronage. However, as a small massage studio, we only have the capability to serve a limited number of clients each month. For the benefit of offering greater availability to clients we feel share in our enthusiasm for a relationship that benefit s both the health and wellness of the client, and the growth, and success of our therapists and our practice. 

Therefore, a selection process is set that places a priority for those clients accustomed to the standards and practices of Beacon Massage. And while new clients have an opportunity to try Beacon Message, continuation of treatment is not guaranteed beyond the first visit. 

The selection process in place is a client rating that places priority for such clients, and denies access to those that fall below what Beacon Massage deems as manageable. Considerations that may affect a clients rating may include, but are not limited to policy infractions, such as: 
Excessive Cancellations (10 or more in 6 month period) 
No Show Policy
Frequent Tardiness
Violation of Third Party rules
Tipping Policy
Rude or unmannerly behavior

While a very limited number of client’s ratings are affected by policy infractions, most client ratings are affected simply by the infrequency of appointments. An appropriate number of appointments per calendar year should not fall below two to keep a client rating in good standing.  

Beacon Massage reserves the right to remove booking priviledges and email subscribership from clients with a rating below what  deems a manageable level without notification, though notification may be forwarded upon request.

Clients with a rating that falls below a manageable level will lose all booking privileges, be removed from our email feature, and ask politely that they seek another facility for massage services.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and a client’s rating is certainly not indicative of the worth or value of any one individual. It’s merely an administrative process designed to create more availability to those needing our service, and are in line with the policies and procedures of Beacon Massage. We can furnish a list of qualified massage therapists, and massage establishments upon request.

An appellate procedure is available to those seeking to reestablish a client rating to a manageable level. It is reviewed by a committee of Beacon Massage therapists. However, it is a long process, and the average time to officially review an appeal is 18 months.
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a relaxation massage, and a clinical therapeutic massage? 

Really the difference between our two services is purpose. The Clinical therapeutic massage is treating a very specific soft tissue dysfunction, using a specific massage modality, such as deep tissue, trigger point release, myofascial release, or prenatal massages for expecting mothers. The purpose of a relaxation service is strictly to reduce tension using Swedish massage. It’s not as taxing on the bodyworker, so we offer a discount for the relaxation service.

Do you perform Couples Massages?

Unfortunately no. We are a small massage studio, with only one treatment room large enough for only one massage table. While we do share our suite with acupuncturists and a physical therapist, we only have access to our treatment room. The best we can offer is back to back, or consecutive sessions. (One after another)

Why doesn't anyone answer the phone when I call? 

We are minimally staffed, with only massage therapists on site to answer phone calls. The upside to fewer personnel is the great savings we can pass onto clients in offering very low rates. However, the downside is obviously the limited nature of our facility, and not being to offer immediate contact to our studio. 

If an incoming call goes to our voicemail, it indicates that we are either massaging when the phone is ringing, away from the studio, or un-returned messages exist. As we fiercely adhere to a first come, first serve policy, we ensure all messages left on voicemail are addressed before we answer the phone. That way, a desired massage time may be offered to the earliest caller. We strongly recommend leaving a message. Most messages are returned within 24 hours. You may also email us at info@beacon-massage.com When requesting an appointment, it's sometimes easier to book via email than to get caught in a game of phone-tag.   

Why can't I get into the elevator once I get to 45 Newbury Street? 

D.L. Saunders, the company that manages our building has installed a hi-tech tenant directory that requires anyone coming into the building, use in order to access the elevator. To use, search for a video screen just right of the elevator. Touch the screen, and a list of businesses will show on the screen. As Beacon Massage is close to the top of the alphabetically listed directory, we are on the first page. Touch the call button, and the therapist on duty (If not in the midst of a massage session) will trigger the elevator door to open. An automated voice will state you've been granted access. At that point, press the elevator button, ride to the 2nd floor, turn right, and our suite is at the end of the hallway, on the left. 

Why does the therapist move body limbs during a session? 

A therapist has to be mindful of a number of situations over the course of a session. One is to ensure the massage stroke is aligned with the corresponding muscle, tendon or area of a client. If a limb is not aligned properly, the massage stroke will not be as effective or as efficient as it could be. Additionally, the therapist often uses their body as force to lean into each massage stroke. This is called Body Mechanics. Proper body mechanics not only reduces wear & tear on a massage therapist, but allows for greater, or lesser pressure for the best massage stroke possible. 

How much should I tip?

Gratuity is always appreciated. Moreover, by offering a much lower rate on massage, we leave to you the judgment of how to augment that rate, in the form of gratuity to the client, based on the level of satisfaction of the massage. Some facilities build in that gratuity into the rate, then claim not to accept tips, as a way to associate their practice with other health care professionals. 

​• Why do I have to give my Credit Card Number when I book online? I already purchased a voucher.

When we started with third party dealers, such as Groupon, all we initially asked for was a voucher number to hold the appointment. Eventually, people started booking appointments without purchasing through that third party, and not show for their appointment. Reluctantly, we had to move to asking for a credit card to secure the time slot for the massage. As long as a person shows for the appointment, and purchased a massage in advance, either through us, or a third party, no charge will be made to the card on file.

What does it mean that I must call when trying to book an appointment via your online scheduler? 

Our online scheduler, provided by Schedulicity, can be a bit glitchy. On rare occasion, a clients account may be denied access to booking online by way of a technical glitch. Mostly, it's due to a failing client rating. (Please see above section) A good client rating will always have access. A client rating that has fallen below an acceptable level will have online booking privileges removed, and in almost all cases, not be allowed back for subsequent massages, based on conditions set forth in the section listed above titled "Client Rating"  
Your Initial Assessment

Your therapist will discuss with you their findings of the initial assessmet, evaluation. & treatment.  Massage Therapists are soft tissue experts and will use the first few minutes of the session introducing their touch to your body. They will keenly assess and evaluate your body structure for distortions and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, such as tension and injuries. Once they’ve finished the evaluation, they will proceed to the treatment part of your session with the purpose of short term (1st treatment) and long term (successive treatments) goals correct and satisfy.
Subsequent Visits

After your first session, the therapist treating you will take notes for therapists to work off for subsequent sessions. A treatment plan will be created for specific ailments.  

A treatment plan is designed to track therapeutic activity with the purpose of obtaining measurable progress in order to maximize the benefits of massage. It will detail what corrective actions we can do as therapists to treat and maintain your wellness.

After a series of sessions, determined by your therapist, based on the nature and severity of the condition being treated, the therapist will then be able to use the treatment plan to provide data that shows measured progress.
Self Care Assignments

As part of your ITP, the therapist will give you self care assignments to aid in the rehabilitation and continued betterment of your health between sessions. Some examples of self care assignments include self massage, stretching techniques, using hydrotherapy (warm, cool devices) & activity suggestions, such as increasing water intake and participating in activities that may enhance your treatment. 
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