Client Requests
We recognize the importance of providing quality massage and making the client as comfortable as possible. Building a client-therapist relationship is an important aspect of building a long term treatment plan. However, as a small massage studio, scheduling to specific requests can be a challenge. Routinely, as the therapist schedule is developed one to two weeks in advance, our procedure is to schedule, in part, to the request of the client and based of the availability of the therapist. Should a crisis arise on the day of the appointment, a substitute therapist may be implemented and may not adhere to the request of the client. As the 12 hour policy is in place, the massage is required to proceed and the client is required to attend, despite the request.

 Our policy regarding client requests stands as a request only and no guarantees can be made to meet that request. For those seeking a specific therapist gender, we recommend     finding a practice that has the capability of guaranteeing such requests.

Frequency Policy
Due to the limited nature of our one treatment room facility, clients are asked to keep a minimum of 28 days between sessions in order to allow a greater number of openings for all. 

Tardiness Policy
If you are new to Beacon Massage, it is highly recommended to come on at least 10 minutes early to complete the initial intake form. The actual time for a treatment is the massage itself, inclusive of the five minute intake interview and 5 minute exit review. By adhering to the scheduled time, you maximize your own treatment time on the table. We do add an additional 30 minutes between sessions to account for those that may be late to the appointment. However, any time missed due to being late is taken from the actual massage not deducted from the intake and exit interviews. Sessions that start later than the appointed time will finish later than the scheduled finish. Being late 30 minutes or more from your appointed time may count as a cancellation, and is at the discretion of the therapist to decide whether to perform the treatment or to declare it a no call/ no show cancellation; subject to the cancellation policy below. We will do our best to give you the service you purchased, but it may be compromised by the schedule set prior to, and the upcoming appointments, which we need to honor. 

Change/Cancellation Policy
We ask that you please give us 24 hours notice before your scheduled appointment if you should need to cancel. No calls/no shows are automatically charged the full amount of the treatment and online booking privileges are revoked**. Calls to cancel less than twenty four hours are automatically charged the full amount of one session and online booking privileges may be revoked and are subject to review**. Additionally, a processing fee (late cancellation, no show) of $15 will be applied in addition to the full value of the voucher for those that fail to give at least 24 hours notice before cancelling or rescheduling. A processing fee of $15 for all no calls, no shows will be assessed to any that do not show for their appointment, nor make any recordable attempt to contact us prior to the scheduled appointed time. Cancellations and no shows due to inclement weather are still subject to policy, except if a weather emergency is declared by the city or state. (Only Exception)

Same Day Deal & Pop Up Promotion Cancellation Policy
For those taking advantage of our same day deals and pop up promotions, we are forced to stricter cancellation guidelines, due to the very limited nature of the promotions. When a pop up promotion is sent via email, only one client is able to select this service. Any others seeking this will be told that the deal has already been secured and no others are able to book the appointment. Therefore, should a daily deal or pop up promotion be booked, no cancellation or changes can be made. If the client cannot make it, the credit card on file is automatically charged the full amount of the Pop Up Promotion. No exceptions to this policy. A processing Fee of $15 may be applied in addition to the full value of the voucher for those that fail to give at least 12 hours notice before cancelling or rescheduling. A processing Fee of $15 for all no calls, no shows will be assessed to any that do not show for their appointment, nor make any recordable attempt to contact us prior to the scheduled appointed time.

Online Promotion Voucher Cancellation Policy
For those with valid online promotion vouchers, the policy between Beacon Massage and the third party is violation of the Beacon Massage 24 Hour cancellation policy will void the full value of the voucher. Third parties, such as Groupon and Amazon Local require 24 hours notice to cancel, as do we. Beacon Massage reserves the right to redeem all vouchers, regardless of attendance should an appointment be made and not cancelled or changed with 24 hours advance notice. A processing fee of $15 may be applied in addition to the full value of the voucher for those that fail to give at least 24 hours notice before cancelling or rescheduling. A processing fee of $15 for all no calls, no shows will be assessed to any that do not show for their appointment, nor make any recordable attempt to contact us prior to the scheduled appointed time.

Reschedule Within 24 Hours Using a Pop Up Promotion
For those that want or need to reschedule within the 24 hour change/cancellation period, it is possible, but not guaranteed to resell the appointed time slot via a pop up promotion. Outside two hours of the scheduled appointment time, we can generate a pop up promotion to our existing client base to get the time slot filled. A Processing Fee of $15 will be charged for promoting the time slot, but the full session charge will not be assessed. The more notice we have to promote a Pop Up Deal, the better success we will have of securing the time slot for another. Please email our office manager, Allie Kimball, at with questions, or to initiate a pop up promotion. 

Discounted Services
We pride ourselves of having the capability to offer some of the best discounted rates in the city, including Student, Health Care & the Beacon Massage original, '68' Discount. However, in the spirit of fairness, we are obligated to offering our discounts to the widest audience possible. Therefore, it is our policy that only ONE discounted service may be offered each month, or in a four week period. A minimum of 28 days between each discounted session allows more to take advantage of our services, in lieu of a select few monopolizing the finite number of potential times we can offer in a one week period. 

Tipping Policy
In our effort of keeping our rates as low as possible for our clients, we regard gratuity for our therapists, while optional, as a voluntary augmentation to the massage service being received. Other massage establishments that claim to not accept tips, often build gratuity into higher rates they charge. You pay the same rate regardless of the quality of bodywork. We allow for the client to decide how much the massage should be, based on the performance of the therapist, with the established rate as a base. Therefore, gratuity is accepted to supplement the fee of the therapist for the discounted service, and it is greatly appreciated. It is not expected by Beacon Massage or therapists of the studio to receive gratuity for a substandard or inadequate massage.

Regrettably, we have to protect against those imposing on the nature of our fee structure. As a safeguard, we maintain a client rating that may affect inclusion of our services. The client rating can be selective of those that may impugn or challenge the aforementioned fee structure, refusal in returning to our massage studio. It's imperative to establish trust within the client/therapist relationship and will not be able to provide a quality service if it is compromised. For those that prefer a different perspective, we welcome those individuals to choose any one of the numerous, wonderful massage facilities in the Boston area, and thank you for your understanding.

Client & Therapist Rights
Beacon Massage therapists work hard to ensure you receive a quality massage and seek to build and improve on the client/therapist relationship. Unfortunately, not all therapist/client interactions connect. Therefore, to ensure the best service possible, Beacon Massage, on behalf of therapists and therapists of Beacon Massage reserves the legal right to refuse service, in the best interest of the client and therapist, to anyone deemed inappropriate as a result of their behavior. Prejudicial and/or discriminatory views notwithstanding to this policy. Beacon Massage is forbidden to refuse service because of race, color, religion, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, belief or prejudicial view prohibited by law from considering. Beacon Massage also prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and will reasonably accommodate clients with a disability, upon request, and will also ensure the safe and reasonable treatment of such. 

*For all regular services only. Third party services excluded from allowances, and have separate policy (Please see "Online Promotion Cancellation Policy"). All are within a twelve month period from the first occurrence. After 12 months, the account resets the beginning. **Online booking privileges may be restored after proof of worthiness is demonstrated. Decision of restoration of privilege is reserved by Beacon Massage only.
What did you do before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist?
Why massage therapy?
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
 I enjoy making people feel better. Less tense, less relaxed.  
Waitress, Au Pair, Catering, Event Planning
Lincoln Tech - 2009
The ability to find where my client has tension and release it!

Payment is due in full at time of service.
Health Insurance Billing

While most healthcare providers do not currently cover massage, in some cases, when prescribed by the primary care physicians, the treatment will be covered. In most of those cases, reimbursement is known to be the preferred course of action. Receipts are the most efficient way of being compensated by your provider. However, if a special circumstance necessitates Beacon Massage to contact your provider, we will do our best to facilitate collection. Ultimately, the client is accountable for his/her account and required to have payment upon the completion of services rendered.
Mission Statement

Our maxim is simple and can be summed up in three words: Quality  Massage Affordable. By providing exceptional service and keeping it affordable, we can reach a greater range of people and spread the word that massage is a necessary module for optimal health, both physically and mentally. Beacon Massage will continue to aid in the comfort of others and become a part of a team dedicated to your overall health and wellness.
We have instituted two special ,same day deals in order to fill up our time slots and pass the savings to you! Two ways to take advantage of these two deals:

  • Choose the "Same Day Deal* from our menu of services on that same day, and grab savings that start at 30%

  • Get on our email list by sending your email address to, and when a therapist creates a pop up deal for their shift, an email will be sent out. The first to grab the appointment gets a fantastic deal that starts off at 40% off the already low daily deal! Massages can go for as little as $45 for a 60 minute treatment!

 You must be on your cyber toes to grab it, as the pop up deals go quick!

*Same Day Deal must be selected for the same day, and cannot be appointed for a future date.
From The Start

Beacon Massage in Boston is a small massage studio consisting of one treatment room open seven days a week, It was started with the realization that the gradual trending of massage over the last several decades from an expensive, luxurious indulgence to a vital role in maintaining and improving a healthy lifestyle. While the expense associated with quality massage has declined over that period, the costs are still too high for many seeking to start and/ or maintain a consistent regiment of massage.Considering that most health insurance does not yet (We, as an industry are working on it) cover massage therapy, not to mention all the healthcare expenses at maintaining health and, especially in a sluggish economy, the cost of maintaining and improving wellness can be overwhelming. We at Beacon Massage understand and want to help!

We all know the incredible benefits massage can do for the body; benefits such as reduction in tension, pain, increase in energy, range of motion, immune functions and vitality, just to name a few. But to really benefit from therapeutic massage, one has to be consistent in receiving treatment. For example, a person heading to a fitness center with a goal to lose weight cannot realistically expect to achieve their goal by attending one time or even once a month. Neither would inconsistent attendance, such as a sporadic workout 5 hours a day for one week followed by zero attendance for several weeks followed by a binge workout thereafter.

The human body responds best to consistent, methodical repetition and in moderation. To condition the body to adapt is the way to maximize the benefits of massage. The key is consistency. In order to accommodate regular visits, Beacon Massage has structured its rates to encourage consistent treatment for the purpose of maximizing the benefits of massage.All Beacon Massage therapists are fully licensed, fully insured individuals. We adhere to the highest of moral and service standards aimed and meeting and exceeding expectations. Our top priority is safe, secure and quality massage treatments for all of our clients. Our commitment to the AMTA Code Of Ethics is unwavering and any sort of divergence from that code is utterly unacceptable, and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
(617) 735-5583

Who is Beacon Massage?
All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Special Announcements (from the home page continued)
For those that purchased a third party voucher, such as a Groupon or Amazon, how about giving us another try for the same rate?
Return Special
Discounted Services
Boston; home to many of the best universities in the country, and world! We know the rigors of having to deal with life in school and want to help with offering the best student rates in the back bay. Teachers, Professors, and school administrators also qualify!

For those with student ID's, we offer the following rates:

- 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $69.00**
- 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for $109.00**

Daily Deals & Pop Up Deals
Student Discounts*
Everyone loves a discount! It enhances the value of a service and is satisfying knowing that the savvy shopper within you is always on the prowl for that next great advantage. Take a look at the following discounts: 
Medical Insurance Discount*
Massage has been proven to be beneficial to the body and mind. Although most medical insurance polices don't cover massage, we offer a deep discount on all non-promotion services. Let us know your provider and the discount is yours!
40+ Discount*
It takes stamina, courage and a good sense of humor to age. And the older you get, the harder it is. After 40, muscle mass decrease steadily, vertebrae compress, and cartilage wears down. Reaching the autumn and winter of life should be applauded. 

Therefore, we offer a steep discount for those approaching, reaching and exceeding that "AARP" population. Conside massage as siping from the fountain of youth. Quench that thirst, with a hearty discount now!

*All discounts are not interchangeable with other discounts ,promotions, credits or third party vouchers. Client may take advantage of a discount only once every four weeks. Gratuity is appreciated and expected of a job well done and should be calculated on the full amount in lieu of the discounted rate. Please ask if you have any questions.
As of August 1, 2017, some of our discounted rates are changing. Please see below..
Claire Gauthier, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
- '68' 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $69.00
- '68' 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $109.00

- 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $79.00
- 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $129.00
- 60 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage for $99.00
- 90 Minute Clinical Therapeutic Massage for $149.00
Looking for a quickie massage at a very affordable price? This time reduced, economical service is perfect for those that are looking for a lunch break massage, an economically priced service for those that are strapped financially or simply need a quick supplement to a workout or yoga session:

Time Saving Discount*
Beacon Massage Therapist File
What do you consider your greatest
Bodywork strength?
What did you do before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist?
Why massage therapy?
What do you do for fun?
Special skills or attributes to 
Offer clients?
Original Hometown?
What are your future goals, endeavors?
Concord, New Hampshire
Cortiva Institute - Boston, April, 2011
Reading, Hiking, Exploring, Family Activities
To improve through continuing education and to expand Beacon Massage into a larger wellness facility
Deep, thorough massages. Big guys generally offer big massages. A clear, thorough & concise treatment from the mind and body of someone with years and years of reconciling numbers!
A blend of deep, thorough and exacting bodywork and soothing, relaxing Swedish massage to offer the best of both worlds; a restful, rejuvenating massage that will give you greater flexibility, greater range of motion, all the while calming the soul and encouraging greater focus. 
To me, massage therapy is all about exploration & discovery of soft tissue, by examining the actions, functions, and dysfunctions of muscles, tendons & ligaments. 

Performing massage as a corrective action for the betterment of an individual is always my goal. 

Hotel Management & Accounting
Beacon Massage Therapist File
What do you consider your greatest
Bodywork strength?
What did you do before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist?
Why massage therapy?
What do you do for fun?
Special skills or attributes to 
Offer clients?
Original Hometown?
What are your future goals, endeavors?
Waltham, Massachusetts
Cortiva Institute - Boston October, 2010
Reading. Go out with friends. Sketch
Continue massage and obtain my Master's Degree in Public Health
Strong, firm pressure
Very skilled with massage on the hands, due to volunteer work with Dana Farber
I like a holistic and hands on approach to wellness. 
Disability advocacy work
Therapists of Beacon Massage
($10 minimum on all charges)
Health Care/Emergency Workers Plan*
Our fair city saw the worst, and best on April 15, 2013. As tragic events unfolded during the 117th Boston Marathon, first responders, quick to act, saved countless lives in a heroic act that will forever be remembered. Therefore, we honor those brave individuals, and colleagues with a large discount for all in the health care field. From doctors, RN's, police, firefighters and paramedics, to acupuncturists, chiropractors, & especially massage therapists. A great discount to those that look out for our health. Thank you!

- Health Care Workers 60 Minute Relaxation Massage for $69.00
- Health Care Workers 90 Minute Relaxation Massage for for $109.00
- Time Saving 45 Minute Relaxation for $69.00
Movies. Spend time with family & Friends
For anyone that purchases a massage or massages through a third party promoter, such as Groupon, Amazon Local, Living Social, or another qualified partner of Beacon Massage is entitled to one return special at the exact same promotional rate. Simply choose the return special service when booking online, and the promotional rate offered through the third party will be extended for that massage session. It's just that easy! While we can only offer it once, it will at least give you one more opportunity for a soothing, satisfying massage at a great price!

The Return Special is a one time only deal, and cannot be used in conjunction with other deals or services. The Return Special is good only for the exact same promotional service purchased through the third party, and is not transferable with other Beacon Massage services. Relaxation massages purchased through a third party cannot be used for clinical therapeutic massages. 60 minute massage rates through third parties cannot be used for 90 minute sessions via a return special. Please call if you have additional questions, or email us at Clients with a rating below an appropriate level not eligible. Beacon Massage reserves the right to change or cease service when deemed needed. 
Where, and what year did you graduate from Massage School?

Where, and what year did you graduate from Massage School?

Beacon Massage Therapist File
What do you consider your greatest
Bodywork strength?
What do you do for fun?
Original Hometown?
Where, and what year did you graduate from Massage School?

*All discounts 60 minutes in length or more are eligible for a $5 cash discount. Pay in cash and receive $5 off!
Beacon Massage
Photos of our new location coming soon!

** Educators & school administrators also qualify!

15 Court Square
Suite 150
Boston, MA 02108
Saturday: 8AM-5PM
Sunday: Closed
Tue - Fri: 11AM-8PM
Jessica Berry, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist